Welcome To My World!

Hi I’m Eleanore (though my friends call my Elle). If you’ve found my triathlon blog, it’s probably because you love to swim, bike and run too.

I started my triathlon journey about eighteen months ago, competing in my first race in June 2018, and have become completely hooked to the sport.

Since starting triathlon, I’ve competed as part of the British Age Group team at the ITU World Triathlon Championships in 2018 and will once again sport the blue tri suit at the Lausanne World Champs later this year. While I’m no triathlon expert, I’ve learnt a lot along the way (not to mention how to balance daily training with a 9 to 6 job and a social life). That’s why I’ve started this blog, as a way to share all the things I take away from training and racing. So if you’re an amateur triathlete too, I hope you find this useful and relatable.

About Me


A 400 metre sprinter turned triathlete, I’ve competed in several 5km road races and parkruns, four sprint triathlon, an aquathlon, an open water swim race – and trust me, I’m far from finished!

While running is my weakest event (ironic, right?), I first sat on a race bike in December 2017 and have developed a profound love for swimming over the last couple of years. Now based in Manchester, I train every day, varying my sports and workouts.

While I prefer to swim and bike on my own (it just gives me time to think), I’m indebted to my run club and they’re amazing support for turning me into a better athlete. I can’t wait to see what the journey ahead will hold…

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